LIEDER ALIVE! Composer Residency

Composer premieres of Neue Lieder Songbook. Lieder Alive. San Francisco

As the 2013-16 Composer-in-Residence, Kurt Erickson collaborates with Lieder Alive! to create new works in the lieder tradition for performances on their subscription concert series. New works written include:

  • Ich und Du – a song set of love poetry featuring texts by Joseph Eichendorff, Friedrich Hebbel, and Klaus Groth. Written for and premiered by soprano Heidi Moss with the composer at the piano
  • The Over Journey – a setting of poet Georg Friedrich Hardenberg’s rapturous “Hinüber wal Ich” written for mezzo soprano Kindra Scharich, violist Paul Yarbrough, with the composer at the piano.
  • Jägermeisterlieder: A Songset for Manly Men – a sly and loving take on the “manly’ hunting tradition in German poetry, featuring texts by Eduard Mörike and Rainer Brambach (2). Written for bass Kirk Eichelberger with the composer at the piano.

September 13, 2015 marks the Gala Opening Performance of the LIEDER ALIVE! season with the premiere performance of the Neue Lieder Songbook, Volume I. Guest Composers with new works premiered include David Conte, Erling Wold, Daron Hagen, Henry Mollicone, Howard Miller, Jacques Desjardins, Omari Tau, and Kurt Erickson. Written for soprano Heidi Moss, the new set of pieces will be published via a unique partnership with online music distributor Swirly Music.